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IFS: Autumn Statement means 'colossal cuts'

Yesterday's Autumn Statement means the UK is set for "cuts on a colossal scale", according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

George Osborne earlier condemned "hyperbolic" coverage of his spending plans.

Public spending is likely to fall to its lowest level since the 1930s during the next Parliament, according to new analysis from the Office for Budget Responsibility.

However, Osborne said warnings over the cuts were "nonsense" - particularly targeting the BBC for criticism over its coverage.

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PM backs Osborne over 'hyperbolic' cuts coverage

David Cameron agrees with George Osborne that some of the coverage of the Autumn Statement was over the top and "hyperbolic".

Mr Osborne this morning complained about a BBC report that said spending cuts would return the UK to the days of The Road to Wigan Pier, George Orwell's seminal 1930s account of working class hardship in northern England.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said Mr Cameron agreed that the comparison was not helpful, saying:

I don't think that they help us have what is important here, which is a clear and sensible and measured debate about the decisions that both are being taken and need to be taken in the future. So, the Prime Minister very much shares the Chancellor's view.

Just as it is important to say, as the Chancellor did, that those types of references are hyperbolic descriptions and I'm not sure help the type of debate we need, it's also right to say that what the Prime Minister, Chancellor and others are focused on is their plan and explaining why their approach is the right one.

– Prime Minister's Spokesman

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