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Theresa May faces questions 'over CIA terror report'

Theresa May faces questions over her role in the parts which were redacted from the American Senate's damning report on torture techniques used by the CIA after 9/11.

MPs on the influential Home Affairs Select Committee want to know whether she asked for sections to be redacted because they could embarrass Westminster.

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Parents of Iraq War dead demand Chilcot publication

Relatives of soldiers who lost their lives fighting in Iraq have demanded the report from a British inquiry into the invasion be published - almost five years after the investigation was given the green light.

Rose Gentle lost her son Gordon in action. He was just 19. Credit: PA

The call came after the US senate published a damning report on torture techniques used by the CIA on suspects after 9/11.

Torture was found to be "brutal and ineffective" and often produced unreliable information, according to the report.

Now bereaved relatives of British soldiers want the long-delayed Chilcot report to be published so they can find out what happened, the Daily Mirror has reported.

Rose Gentle, 50, from Glasgow, and the other families of men and women who laid down their lives in the middle east, still have no answers.

Rose called the failure to publish the report "the biggest cover up of our time".

Then Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave the go-ahead to the Chilcot Inquiry in 2009 after public pressure forced him to launch an investigation into why Britain had joined the American invasion in 2003.

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