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Nats warned of potential computer glitch 'months ago'

National Air Traffic Services bosses were warned that plans to deal with any technical failures lacked "detail and clarity," four months before Friday's computer glitch caused widespread disruption to UK airports, according to the Independent on Sunday.

National Air Traffic Services (Nats) said their system was back to full operational capacity following the failure on Friday, but passengers were warned to check their flights in advance as the backlog clears.

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Manchester Airport 'prepared to take diverted flights'

Manchester Airport have said they are "prepared to" take flights diverted following the temporary closure of London's airspace.

Press officer Sarah Collis told ITV News:

We haven't as yet, but we are preparing to possibly. We're waiting for an update in 25 minutes' time and hopefully then we'll know. We're certainly prepared to take flights if need be. We haven't started to take any we couldn't possibly give you a number at the moment.

– Sarah Collis, Manchester Airport press officer

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