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Black Lives Matter: Thousands in US civil rights protests

Thousands of protesters have made their way through Washington today, against the death of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers.

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New Yorkers join protest against police brutality

Hundreds of protesters have gathered near New York's Washington Square Park, to join a march against "police brutality" following the recent deaths of two unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers.

Protesters in New York carry banners with a picture of Eric Garner's eyes on Credit: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Bearing signs emblazoned with the slogan 'stop police brutality' the crowd marched towards NYC's police headquarters chanting "I can't breathe", the dying words of police choke-hold victim Eric Garner.

The New York march coincides with another 'justice for all' march being held in Washington today.

People take part in a march against police violence in New York Credit: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
Protesters in New York bear signs saying 'stop police brutality' Credit: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

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