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Miliband dismisses Conservative spending claims

Ed Miliband has strongly denied Conservative claims that Labour has made £20.7 billion in "unfunded" spending commitments.

The Conservatives today published an 82-page document outlining what the party claims is a cost analysis of Labour's planned spending in the first year of office.

The parties have kicked into full election mode with Miliband launching a "street by street" election campaign, Nick Clegg distancing himself from the coalition and branding Tory deficit plans "a con" and David Cameron claiming his is the only party who can save the economy.

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Conservatives vow to end six-figure pay-offs

The Conservative election manifesto will include a vow to legislate to cap pay-offs in the public sector. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

The Conservatives are promising to end six-figure redundancy pay-offs for highly paid public sector workers if they win the next general election in May.

The party's election manifesto will include a commitment to legislate to cap payments in the public sector at £95,000, Treasury Minister Priti Patel said.

The move follows a series of controversial pay-offs funded by the taxpayer, including payments of more than £450,000 in the Civil Service, over £500,000 in the NHS, and over £1 million in the BBC.

It's not right that hard working taxpayers, many on low salaries, have to fund huge payouts when well-paid people get made redundant."

– Treasury Minister Priti Patel

Labour's shadow health minister Jamie Reed said the Conservatives had already "wasted £1.6bn on redundancy payouts to NHS managers" and should have acted sooner to deal with the issue.

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