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Labour: Draft in ex-nurses to ease NHS burden

Labour would draft in former nurses to help ease the burden on accident and emergency departments, Ed Miliband has said.

GPs could also be installed in hospitals to cool pressure on the straining service, the Labour leader added.

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Cameron and Miliband lock horns over NHS

David Cameron and Ed Miliband began to draw their lines over the NHS ahead of the General Election as they squared off over the NHS after the recent rash of hospitals declaring major incidents.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband in the House of Commons today.

Mr Miliband accused the Prime Minister of "blaming the patients" for the pressure facing struggling accident and emergency (A&E) departments and claimed the health service was in "crisis".

Mr Cameron turned his fire on the Labour leader, claiming he had talked of "weaponising" the NHS in a "disgusting" attempt to make political capital from its strains.

In bad-tempered exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Miliband replied:

I'll tell you what's disgusting - it's a Prime Minister who said people could put their trust in him on the NHS.

You have betrayed that trust. You are in denial about the crisis in the NHS. This is a crisis on your watch as a result of your decisions.

That is why people know if they want to get rid of the crisis in the NHS they have to get rid of this Prime Minister.

– Ed Miliband

Mr Cameron hit back, telling MPs: "If ever you wanted proof (Labour) want to use this issue as a political football you have just seen it."

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