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PM and Merkel set to discuss EU reform on visit

David Cameron's agenda for EU reform will be up for discussion when Germany leader Angela Merkel visits Downing Street.

Mrs Merkel's trip forms part of a series of visits to foreign capitals in preparation for the G7 summit which she is hosting in June.

A Downing Street spokesman said the global economy would be a key item on the agenda but added: "I'm sure EU reform as an issue will also be discussed."

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Farage expects 'cosmetic concessions' from Merkel

Nigel Farage has told ITV News he expects to see "some cosmetic concessions" from German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she meets the Prime Minister later today.

However, the Ukip leader stressed Merkel "will not budge" on the principle of freedom of movement in the European Union.

"What I expect to see are some cosmetic concessions, perhaps the Germans agreeing that maybe child benefit should not be paid to children living in other parts of Europe," Farage said.

"But even if Mr Cameron later on today stands on the steps of Downing Street and says, 'This is a great victory' it still won't work, because the Poles have made it clear they will veto it anyway."

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