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The Sun resurrects topless models on Page 3 ending days of rumours

Thursday's edition of The Sun features a topless model on Page 3 ending rumours that the newspaper had decided to drop the long-running feature.

Campaigners had been celebrating a victory after topless photos did not appear in three consecutive editions of the daily newspaper.

The Sun newspaper refused to confirm or deny the reports.

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Melinda Messenger: 'Good decision' to end page 3

Former page 3 model Melinda Messenger. Credit: PA

Television presenter and former page 3 model Melinda Messenger has issued a statement saying it is a "good decision" to end page 3 in the Sun newspaper.

I personally think it's a good decision to end page 3. It's had a long life but we all have to change for the better. That is what society is all about.

We live in a time now, where we are one click away from seeing thousands of naked images of both men and women.

Our kids have full access to a whole gamut of images, a lot of which are potentially damaging to the development of their sense of self, and I think this is the bigger issue we should be concerned about.

– Melinda Messenger

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