Trevor Sinclair believes QPR is 'losing its identity' as a team and club

QPR were a top ten Premier League club in Sinclair's era. Credit: PA

Trevor Sinclair believes QPR's disappointing form can be attributed to a lack of fitness and claims his former club are losing their identity.

The West London side enjoyed consecutive top ten finishes in the Premier League more than twenty years ago when Sinclair joined from Blackpool, but face a fight to avoid relegation this year following promotion from the Championship.

QPR's ethos during the former winger's era was characterised by impressive fitness levels and a close team bond which allowed them to prosper against bigger clubs with larger budgets.

Speaking to the Open All R's podcast, Sinclair claims that times have changed for the Super Hoops.

The most worrying thing for me, and it's a fundamental thing that you need to play football, is that the fitness levels [at QPR] just seem to be dire.

I couldn't understand why a team who had just been promoted, full of confidence, plenty to look forward to in the coming season would approach the season in that kind of shape.

Queens Park Rangers, not just as a team, but I think as a club, is kind of losing its identity, which was about the community and all about being a family club, and that commitment to doing well without the same economic clout as other teams.

– Former QPR winger Trevor Sinclair speaking to Open All R's