Baroness Warsi says Government is 'suspicious of Muslims'

The Government views growing numbers of Muslim organisations and individuals with suspicion, Baroness Warsi has said Credit: PA

Baroness Warsi has accused the Government of having a policy of "non-engagement" towards Muslims and claimed that it views Muslim organisations and individuals with suspicion.

The former Conservative Party Chair told The Observer that a "failure" to develop a friendship with the three-million strong community in Britain has led to a very real lack of trust.

She addressed the controversial letter sent to mosques across England earlier this month urging Muslim leaders to prevent young people becoming radicalised in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

"It's no surprise there is a trust deficit, a questioning of motive to a letter sent with the best of intentions," she said. "For too many, the hand of friendship felt like an admonitory finger that was once again pointing at Britain's Muslims."