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Merkel rejects Greek government's bid for further debt relief

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out the possibility of offering Greece more debt relief on Saturday and stated that she doesn't see "a further debt haircut" in the debt-ridden country's future.

The decision came as a blow to the new Greek government as they had promised voters that they would put anti-austerity measures in place and demand neighbouring countries to write off part of its 320 billion euro ($360 billion) debt.

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Cameron calls Tsipras to discuss Greece's economic challenges

David Cameron has called his Greek counterpart to congratulate him on his victory. While the pair did discuss Alexis Tsipras' intenet to tackle corruption there was no sign of them discussing the austerity measures Tsipras is seeking to overturn.

The Prime Minister called Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to congratulate him on being elected as the new Greek Prime Minister. Prime Minister Tsipras thanked the Prime Minister for the call and set out the immediate issues that his Government would be focusing on, in particular in tackling Greece’s economic challenges.

The Prime Minister welcomed Prime Minister Tsipras’ intention to tackle corruption and increase tax transparency across Greece and said that as a key advocate of these issues, the UK was keen to work closely with the Greek government.

– Number 10 spokesperson

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