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Merkel rejects Greek government's bid for further debt relief

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ruled out the possibility of offering Greece more debt relief on Saturday and stated that she doesn't see "a further debt haircut" in the debt-ridden country's future.

The decision came as a blow to the new Greek government as they had promised voters that they would put anti-austerity measures in place and demand neighbouring countries to write off part of its 320 billion euro ($360 billion) debt.

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  1. James Mates

Tsipras breaks with Greek tradition with political oath

Tsipras with Archbishop Ieronymos ahead of his swearing in. Credit: RTV

We are right outside the Presidential palace, where Alexis Tsipras just walked in for his meeting with the President, at which he will be asked to form a government.

Having done that deal with coalition partners this morning, that formality will be completed. There will then be a swearing in ceremony - conducted by the Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens.

Tsipras arriving at the Presidential palace in the last hour. Credit: Georgina Brewer/ITV News

Tsipras has asked that it not be religious in nature as he is an atheist, making him the first to take a purely political oath as leader.

He will then go to a memorial to victims of the Nazis during World War Two, before getting on with the business of running the country - which will start later this afternoon.

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