Former Man United players in tennis Twitter feud

The endurance and performance of tennis players caused former Premier League footballers Robbie Savage and Michael Owen to argue on Twitter today.

Owen suffered badly from injuries as a player. Credit: PA

The pair clashed during Sunday's Australian Open final which Novak Djokovic won over Andy Murray in four sets.

Savage started things off, saying: "When you watch these 2 play tennis it amazes me how modern day footballers complain of tiredness embarresing (sic) really!"

Former England striker Owen responded with: "Not having that. Ridiculous shout," and added in "You're (sic) accusation was towards footballers and they are the people I'm defending against such drivel."

The two continued to debate, but Owen tried to have the final word by writing: "Studies show only 17.5% of match time in tennis is spent actually playing. 5 hour match equates to 52 mins playing time."