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Three test negative for bird flu after Hampshire farm outbreak

Three people have tested negative for bird flu after a "low severity" outbreak at a farm in Upham, Hampshire.

Officials revealed the results of the trio's tests today, as they prepared to slaughter 10,000 chickens to control the outbreak.

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Cull ordered at bird flu farm 'to stop strain mutating'

Animal health experts have revealed birds at a farm in Hampshire will be culled as a precautionary measure, as the low-severity strain identified can mutate to become more deadly.

A spokeswoman for the Animal and Plant Health Agency said a 1km cordon had been put in place around the farm to prevent the movement of poultry - though she declined to confirm where in Hampshire the farm was.

The cull has been ordered as a precautionary measure Credit: PA

The restricted zone, which will be in force for 21 days, also bans the movement of eggs, mammals, and manure during that timeframe.

It is believed the strain is H7 - significantly less serious than the H5N8 strain found at a Yorkshire duck farm in November.

The spokeswoman told ITV News that this type of the virus did not spread as quickly or easily, and causes less severe illnesses in the birds themselves.

However, on rare occasions the H7 strain had been known to mutate into high-severity strains, she added, which is why a precautionary cull had been ordered.

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