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Latest head of abuse inquiry Lowell Goddard to face MPs

The latest figure to head Britain's long-delayed inquiry into child sex abuse is to be grilled by MPs later today.

Lowell Goddard, a High Court judge from New Zealand, was named as chair by Home Secretary Theresa May last week.

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May: Rotherham child sex abuse is 'tip of the iceberg'

Cases such as the hundreds of children sexually abused in Rotherham are just "the tip of the iceberg", the Home Secretary has warned.

The Home Secretary has warned that child sex abuse in Rotherham is 'the tip of the iceberg' Credit: PMQs

Speaking in the House of Commons as she announced the dissolution of the existing Child Sex Abuse Inquiry panel and the creation of a new one, Theresa May said such crimes showed why the inquiry was needed.

With every passing day, with every new revelation, it is clear that the sexual abuse of children has taken place and is still taking place on a scale that we still cannot fully comprehend.

But what we do know is that the authorities have in different ways let down too many children and adult survivors.

In many cases, people in positions of authority have abused their power.

Now, those of us in privileged position of public service must show we have listened, we have heard, we have learnt, and we will come together not to avoid difficult questions but to expose hard truths.

And most importantly, we will keep in mind the people on whose behalf we seek justice - the survivors of these appalling crimes.

– Home Secretary Theresa May

She ended by thanking survivors for their "patience, determination and willingness" to help the process.

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