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Greater Manchester Councils 'to control its entire £6bn NHS budget'

Greater Manchester is to control its £6 billion NHS budget under new devolved powers, according to reports.

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Devolving health budgets 'will create postcode lottery'

Handing over healthcare budgets to local councils risks creating a postcode lottery for patients, with differing priorities and levels of care between different regions, critics have warned.

It comes after surprise government plans emerged to hand Greater Manchester councils responsibility for its entire £6 billion NHS budget.

Ukip health spokeswoman Louise Bours said the plans could be 'disastrous' Credit: PA

Ukip health spokeswoman Louise Bours said the plans opened the door for councillors to use the money for political purposes rather than for the good of the local population.

What the Tories are proposing for Manchester is a recipe for yet another disastrous postcode lottery in the health system.

What qualifications do they have for this role? Who will be accountable? Who can we blame when it all goes wrong?

It will simply lead to the kind of unfairness we have already seen in the Scottish system, when residents there get free prescriptions for instance, while the rest of the country does not.

– Louise Bours, Ukip

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