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Prince William calls for crackdown on illegal wildlife trade at end of China tour

Prince William has said China must unite with the UK in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Speaking at the end of his tour of China, the Duke of Cambridge said the "vicious" trade in elephant ivory was "our common enemy" and called for greater international cooperation against the practice.

However, footage shown in an area of an elephant sanctuary that William did not see, appears to show the animals being subjected to cruelty and forced to perform for crowds' entertainment.

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William fever hits Japan during his royal visit

Prince William was greeted by screaming crowds eager to get a glimpse of him as he visited a bookshop on the third day of his Japanese tour.

Credit: PA

Crowds held up pictures of William and Kate, while one woman showed off a painting of the royal couple and Prince George.

A woman drapes herself in a Union Jack flag. Credit: PA

And even their dogs got into the British spirit.

A dog in a Union Jack sweater awaits William's arrival. Credit: PA

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