Thousands raised for homeless Sierra Leone athlete

The initial target to help Sierra Leone athlete Jimmy Thoronka was £20,000. Credit:

A campaign to raise money for a Sierra Leone athlete found sleeping rough on the streets in London since going missing after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, has surpassed its target of £20,000.

In a message on the site, the organiser of the page Richard Dent said the target, which was reached in just two days, would now be raised as efforts continue to help Jimmy Thoronka restart his athletic career.

Mr Thoronka was arrested on Friday for overstaying his visa and detained at Walworth police station but the Metropolitan Police confirmed today that he has now been released and handed over to Border Control authorities.

Mr Thoronka told the Guardian newspaper he did not want to go back to Sierra Leone because his entire adoptive family had been killed by the Ebola virus.

On the fundraising page Mr Dent said he had spoke to the athlete since his release from police custody and he is "thankful" for the public's support.