1. ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

Hillsborough police called for backup over ambulances

Police radio logs taken six minutes after kick off at Hillsborough showed requests for further police officers and dogs but no ambulances or fire crews, a court was told.

Rajiv Menon QC, representing 75 of the families, said: "They needed medical assistance immediately."

Match commander David Duckenfield replied: "I agree."

'And you're calling for increased police manpower. There is no declaration of a major incident.'

Duckenfield said that at the time he believed there was 'disorder' as fans were attempting to escape overcrowded pens behind the Liverpool goal just before kick off.

Menon asked: "You didn't see anyone in a state of distress?"

Duckenfield replied: "26 years ago I saw many, if not all of, these scenes. Recollecting them in detail is another matter now."

As soon as I realised this disaster was happening, I switched into overdrive, and I remember issuing a list of instructions very quickly at the top of my voice and I remember someone saying 'for goodness sake boss, shut up - we can't implement the first instruction.'

– David Duckenfield