Nick Clegg attacks Tory 'fatwa' against wind farms

Nick Clegg is a big fan of wind farms Credit: PA

Nick Clegg has accused the Conservatives of an "ideological fatwa" against new wind farms and condemned his coalition colleagues for abandoning their commitment to the environment.

The Liberal Democrat leader said the Tories had lurched dramatically to the right since coming to power five years ago, highlighting green issues, the European Union and civil liberties as areas where differences had deepened between the two parties.

Referring to David Cameron's famous trip to the Arctic when in opposition, Clegg said: "I certainly think that if you go back to the Conservative Party in 2010 it was all husky hugging, they professed an interest in civil liberties, they professed an interest in the environment, they professed an interest in being a centrist Conservative Party.

"They appear to have absolutely no interest in the environment whatsoever," added the deputy prime minister.

"Their language has increasingly sought to mimic Ukip as they have tacked to the right."

Mr Clegg said: "I don't know what the Conservative Party has got against wind farms. Of course you have got to make sure that local communities are consulted and you don't run roughshod over local feelings.

"But I just don't get this sudden ideological fatwa against wind farms, I just don't get it."