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Party leaders back on the campaign trail after debate

Most of the main party leaders are back out on the campaign trail today after the ITV leaders' debate. All seven party leaders went head-to-head for the first and only time this general election last night, clashing over issues such as the economy, the NHS and immigration.

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SNP claims surge in new members after leaders' debate

The SNP has claimed more than 1,200 people joined the party during the two hour long ITV leaders debate.

General Election campaign director Angus Robertson said: "This was an excellent performance by Nicola Sturgeon...

"The SNP gained more than 1,200 new members over the course of the debate, which reflects the energy and optimism which underpins our election campaign."

The party also tweeted out a picture during the programme showing Ms Sturgeon with the leaders of the other parties in her pocket.

The SNP sent out a picture showing Nicola Sturgeon with the other leaders in her pocket. Credit: SNP

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