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Party leaders back on the campaign trail after debate

Most of the main party leaders are back out on the campaign trail today after the ITV leaders' debate. All seven party leaders went head-to-head for the first and only time this general election last night, clashing over issues such as the economy, the NHS and immigration.

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Miliband: Debate presented two choices for election

Ed Miliband meeting with activists in Blackpool today.

Ed Miliband has said he will let others decide who won last night's election debate, but argued that David Cameron "tried and failed" to defend his record during the programme.

Taking questions while meeting with Labour activists in Blackpool, Miliband said: "I leave the commentary to others."

He said there was a choice between only two prime ministers ahead of the election - David Cameron and himself - adding: "What I think people were able to see was that choice very starkly last night.

You have got David Cameron, defending an economy that I think isn't working for most people in our country, defending an NHS that isn't working for most people, and me setting out Labour's clear alternative based on this fundamental idea that it is only when working people succeed that Britain succeeds.

– Ed Miliband, speaking in Blackpool

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