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Lib Dems claim Tories will have to make cuts to meet tax pledges

Nick Clegg has said the Conservative party have no way to meet their tax pledges on raising the personal allowance to £12,500 without doing, "what Tories do best - cut."

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Balls: Tory tax changes left homes '£1,100 worse off'

Ed Balls has claimed that tax changes introduced since 2010 mean the average household is "£1,100 worse off".

Balls said: "What the evidence shows - from the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies - is when you look at all the tax changes introduced since 2010, the average household in our country is £1,100 worse off. Because of higher VAT and cuts to tax credits.

"This is a Tory government which cut taxes for the richest, for people earning over £150,000, giving millionaires tens of thousands of pounds of tax cuts, but put up taxes for everybody else.

"They said we are all in it together. That is now being exposed as a nonsense. £1,100 worse off - that's what they delivered."

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