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Lib Dems claim Tories will have to make cuts to meet tax pledges

Nick Clegg has said the Conservative party have no way to meet their tax pledges on raising the personal allowance to £12,500 without doing, "what Tories do best - cut."

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Ed Balls outlines Labour's tax pledges

Ed Balls has blasted the Conservative tax cuts, saying the numbers did not add up and that the public could not trust the party on VAT rise promises.

Mr Balls claimed the Tories had repeatedly claimed there would no VAT rises before previous elections before voting to rise the amount of tax paid on purchases.

Speaking in Leeds the Labour's shadow chancellor outlined Labour's tax pledges: "No rise in VAT, no rise in National Insurance, no rise in the basic and higher rates of income tax, but we will have a lower starting rate of income tax at 10p and we'll put the top rate up to 50% for people earning £150,000."

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