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Blair supports Miliband '100%' to lead Labour to victory

Former prime minister Tony Blair has insisted he supports Ed Miliband "100%" and that he will lead Labour to victory at the election.

Blair has previously been interpreted as criticising the Labour leader after warning that fighting an election along "traditional" left-right battle lines would result in a traditional Tory victory.

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More than half believe Tony Blair 'irrelevant to election'

More than half of people believe Tony Blair is irrelevant to the General Election after he intervened to support Ed Miliband, the ITV News/Yougov daily poll suggests.

The poll found that 55% of those asked if they believed Tony Blair was still an influential voice in the election said no.

ITV News poll. Credit: ITV News

A quarter believed the former PM was still relevant, 13% were not sure and 5% said they didn't care.

Over 4,000 people responded to the poll.

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