Farage: 'I wish Tony Blair was here this morning'

ITV News has spoken exclusively to Nigel Farage on board a boat in Grimsby, with the Ukip leader claiming his party is set to win in the constituency.

Farage said "I wish Tony Blair was here this morning", as he noted that he had just seen a boat load of cars being imported from Germany.

He said it highlighted that Britain imported "a million cars a year more than we export", and dismissed claims that leaving the EU would stop European businesses trading with the UK.

"There are no drawbacks for trade [from an EU exit]. Just look at those three thousand cars that came off that boat and understand that trade isn't made by government.

"Trade [happens] because a consumer likes a product and is prepared to pay the price."

Farage was joined on a campaign visit by Joey Essex, who is meeting the four major party leaders as part of an ITV2 programme.