Silent 'Wit And Wisdom Of Nigel Farage' track to be released

A completely silent track entitled The Wit And Wisdom Of Nigel Farage is being released by an independent record label.

Alcopop! Records will release the blank 7" vinyl on 4th May, the week of the general election.

Alcopop! Records cover of their satirical record named "The Wit and Wisdom of Nigel Farage" Credit: Alcopop! Records/PA Wire

A remix of the track by experimental metal band Enter Shikari will feature dripping taps, ambient noise and seagulls and will be on the B side.

A proportion of the profits will be donated to the Migrants Rights Network, an NGO which campaigns in support of immigrants in Britain.

We're not a massively political label, and we're not trying to tell people who to vote for.

We're just genuinely terrified at what could happen to this country if people listen to the slick, media savvy cult of Farage rather than actually looking at his policies.

So anything we can do in our small way to make people question his political motives is something we're delighted to be involved in.

– Jack Clothier, Alcopop!

The idea is based on Stiff Records's 1980 record The Wit And Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan, a completely silent LP which sold 30,000 copies.