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Fallon: Miliband will stab UK in back over Trident

The Conservatives are accusing Ed Miliband of preparing to "stab the United Kingdom in the back", trading away Britain's nuclear deterrent in order to secure power in a backroom deal with the Scottish Nationalists.

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'Tory Trident attack is to distract from its own spending'

Ukip has accused the Conservative Party of "distracting" from its own spending on Britain's defences in its personal attack on Ed Miliband over Trident.

Ukip's economic spokesperson Patrick O'Flynn Credit: Pool

Ukip's economic spokesperson Patrick O'Flynn said Michael Fallon's claim today that the Labour leader "stabbed his brother in the back" in 2010 was a bid to "distract from the fact that the Conservatives are not pledging to fully resource our armed forces."

"They're not meeting the Nato 2% commitment," he added during a policy briefing in London. "Of course we would commit totally to upgrading Trident - we can afford to do so."

I'd advise Michael Fallon to lay off the personal insults ... and probably spend more of your time persuading your cabinet colleagues and indeed, the Prime Minister, to properly resource Britain's defences.

– Ukip's economic spokesperson Patrick O'Flynn

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