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Fallon: Miliband will stab UK in back over Trident

The Conservatives are accusing Ed Miliband of preparing to "stab the United Kingdom in the back", trading away Britain's nuclear deterrent in order to secure power in a backroom deal with the Scottish Nationalists.

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Trident: What the parties plan on renewal

The renewal of the Trident nuclear submarine fleet has long been a divisive political issue, here is a look at what the main parties believe the future of Trident should be.

Trident: What the parties plan on renewal Credit: Andy Buchanan/PA Wire
  • Labour is committed to replacing the UK's ageing fleet of Vanguard submarines which carry Trident nuclear missiles, but would consider reducing the number to three if a continuous deterrent could be maintained.
  • Conservatives will pledge to renew all four submarines, Michael Fallon said.
  • Liberal Democrats have said they would retain Trident but say two submarines would provide a "perfectly meaningful deterrent", while three would enable the UK to have a "continuous at-sea deterrence", Sir Nick Harvey said.
  • Ukip would commit to "totally upgrading Trident" Patrick O'Flynn said.
  • Both the SNP and Green party are opposed to renewing Trident.

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