Brain May tells Brits: 'Get off your ass and vote'

Former Queen guitarist Brian May has urged people to "get off your ass and vote" and to back candidates they personally believe in rather than support individual parties.

Queen guitarist Brian May meets the Green Party's Caroline Lucas. Credit: PA Wire

May said people should vote "colour-blind" and opt for politicians they believe have a "decent conscience".

Speaking in Brighton alongside Green Party Brighton Pavilion candidate Caroline Lucas, May said: "It's politics without colour. It's colour-blind politics. What we are saying is do not assume that your vote will be wasted, get up off your ass and vote.

"Secondly, don't vote for a party, vote for someone you personally believe in, someone who will have a decent conscience and will represent your views in Parliament."

The rock star launched his Common Decency campaign last month in a bid to elect politicians who he said would "act decently, transparently and accountably" in Parliament.