Froch: Calzaghe didn't fight me because he knew I was going to beat him

Carl Froch thinks that he would have beaten Joe Calzaghe had the fight he wanted with the Welshman happened.

In a revealing documentary to be screened on ITV4, Froch says that he thinks Calzaghe wouldn't agree to the fight as he knew he would have lost.

The two never went head-to-head despite Froch repeatedly calling for the fight.

"That was a fight I wanted," Froch told ITV Sport. "He was WBC champion, everyone knew who he was. It was a massive fight back then - I think it would still be a big fight now. I think Joe Calzaghe knew that I was going to beat him."

Froch's coach, Rob McCracken, added: "He (Calzaghe) didn't see it as a big enough fight at the time, obviously Carl and we saw it differently."

Barry McGuigan says it was a shame the fight never took place: "Calzaghe might have been too clever for him, but it would have been a hell of a fight, and it's a pity that didn't happen."

Watch a sneak preview of the show in the video player above.

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