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Number of new construction firms up by almost 5,500

A new report has revealed that the number of new construction firms increased by almost 5,500 in one year, the first time the industry has seen a rise since the financial crisis.

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New construction firms response to housing demand

Accounting firm boss the number of new contruction firms is a response to the "demand for new homes is continuing to outstrip supply".

Housebuilding has really picked up pace as the market has recovered. Demand for new homes is continuing to outstrip supply, moves to make the planning system more favourable are starting to have an impact, and initiatives such as Help to Buy have boosted home-owners' buying power.

At the same time, commercial property has also rebounded, as more businesses now decide the time is right to upgrade or expand their premises and developers press the green light on shelved projects or see more new opportunities coming onstream.

– Director Graham Jenner

Accounting firm NoPalaver Group director Graham Jenner

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