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Labour and SNP 'close to post-election deal'

Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon are "at the altar, and preparing to sign the register" on a post-election deal, according to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

Sturgeon made the Labour leader an offer to join forces to help him become Prime Minister during the TV debates.

But David Cameron has warned there would be more borrowing and higher taxes if Miliband goes ahead with the deal.

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Bennett on her decision to become British citizen

The Green Party leader has said she wants to, "celebrate contribution of migrants to Britain," as she spoke her own decision to become a British citizen in the live Challengers' Debate.

Natalie Bennett

I am an immigrant, I've chosen to become a British citizen, to make my life in Britain. I came as a visitor, I loved the British way of life, I love the traditions, the culture and I decided to stay and make this my home.

– Natalie Bennett

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