Tories claim Sturgeon would 'pull the strings' in new ad

The new Conservative Party billboard unveiled today.

Nicola Sturgeon would "pull the strings" in the event of a deal between her party and Labour, the chairman of the Conservatives has claimed as he unveiled the party's latest poster campaign.

The billboard depicts Sturgeon as a puppeteer and Miliband as a dummy, with the words "more taxes, more borrowing, more debt." underneath.

Speaking on the poster's launch, Grant Shapps said: "Labour are collapsing in Scotland. This means the only way that Ed Miliband might crawl through the gates of No10 now is if he’s carried there by the SNP.

"Nicola Sturgeon would pull the strings and demand weaker defences, more spending and unaffordable welfare hand-outs. It would be a disaster for taxpayers."

Miliband has publicly rejected the suggestion of a deal with the SNP despite consistent overtures from the Scottish Nationalists, with Alex Salmond today putting renewed pressure on the Labour leader to consider a coalition.