Shower of shooting stars expected tonight

The Lyrid meteor shower is at its peak tonight Credit: PA

Stargazers could see a shower of shooting stars tonight with a forecast of clear skies in much of the UK.

The Lyrid meteor shower is at its peak tonight and tomorrow and on average people can expect to see between 15 and 20 shooting stars an hour.

The meteors, sand-like particles shed by Comet Thatcher, leave luminous streaks across the sky as they burn up in the atmosphere.

The best place to see the Lyrids is to find an open field where you can see the whole of the night sky. The best time is a few hours after midnight where you can expect to see most of the bright streaks in the early hours of the morning.

Scan the sky over the course of the night as the meteors can pop out from any direction.

– Astronomer Dr Radmila Topalovic