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Three people found alive days after Nepal earthquake

Three people have been pulled out alive from the rubble of their home days after Nepal's devastating earthquake, an official has said.

Other developments include:

  • The number of confirmed deaths has risen to more than 8,000, an official from Nepal's home ministry said.
  • The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is appealing for donations to help get aid to Nepal after the devastating earthquake. Visit for details.
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Witness: 'It was a sound like thunder'

A witness has described the moment an earthquake struck in central Nepal, reportedly killing at least 108 people.

Shristi Mainali, 21, who lives in Kathmandu, told NBC News that it "sounded like thunder".

It was a sound like thunder

It lasted for more than a minute... it was really shaking shaking shaking.

They are terrified that the aftershocks may come again

We are staying away from big walls, sitting in the middle of the road.

– Shristi Mainali

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