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Three people found alive days after Nepal earthquake

Three people have been pulled out alive from the rubble of their home days after Nepal's devastating earthquake, an official has said.

Other developments include:

  • The number of confirmed deaths has risen to more than 8,000, an official from Nepal's home ministry said.
  • The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is appealing for donations to help get aid to Nepal after the devastating earthquake. Visit for details.
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British climber: I thought avalanche would bury me alive

A British climber has told of his terror as huge crevasses opened up around him and chunks of ice and snow threw him to his knees as he scaled the slopes of Mount Everest.

Alex Staniforth was with an expedition group climbing the mountain when a powerful earthquake hit Nepal, triggering an avalanche which claimed at least 18 lives - including three of the group's Nepali guides.

British climber Alex Staniforth has spoken of his terror as the avalanche struck Credit: Alex Staniforth

In an official statement released today, he revealed he believed he would be buried alive.

I was in the icefall when the ground shook; the same force that released huge avalanches full of rock/landslides... I couldn't run due to huge crevasses surrounding me.

I was blinded, thrown to my knees, suffocated by what felt like a snow cannon. I thought this was it - I was going to be buried.

– Alex Staniforth
Base camp was all but destroyed in the avalanche Credit: Alex Staniforth

The avalanche trapped many of the 350 climbers on the mountain at the time, but clear weather has meant helicopters have now been able to rescue everyone.

My team are now safely back at base camp after being evacuated from Camp 1 this morning, as the icefall was impassable due to the earthquake.

Tragically three of our Nepali staff were killed at base camp and I am hugely saddened by their loss. They are very much in my thoughts and I am very lucky to be alive.

– Alex Staniforth

He said he will be staying for a few days to help with the clean-up at base camp, and is due to return to the UK later this week.

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