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Ed Miliband meets Russell Brand for late-night interview

The Labour leader says he met the comedian to record an interview, after a picture of him outside Brand's house surfaced on social media last night

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'Russell, that's totally wrong': 'Milibrand' interview in full

Russell Brand has unveiled his full 15-minute interview with Ed Miliband, filmed in the comedian-come-activist's kitchen in his London flat.

The Labour leader tells Brand that change is brought about by a "combination of politics and people."

"Without the politics, without Government, the change doesn't happen," he adds int he interview, filmed on Monday night. "That's what happens in democratic society."

Posted on Brand's YouTube channel The Trews, the comedian begins by telling Mr Miliband that the right to vote has become meaningless since women's suffrage.

Skip to 1:00 to see Mr Miliband emphatically tell Brand he is "just totally wrong":

At the end of the exchange, Brand says: "It's not a perfect interview but personally I found it a very interesting experience.

"I think it says a lot about Ed Miliband, he understands the way the media works right now, the way the country feels at the moment, the way that people feel, that he was prepared to come round here and talk to us."

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