London Eye 'pie chart' shows Ukip most talked-about on Facebook

Ukip is the most-discussed political party on Facebook, with 15.6 million interactions during the election campaign to date and three million people talking about them.

With just six days to go, the social network will be lighting up the London Eye every night with information reflecting the conversations happening online.

The London Eye lights show Ukip was the most talked-about party Credit: PA

The Conservatives came in as second most talked-about party on Facebook since the start of January with 12.2 million interactions from 2.5 million.

Labour had 9.7 million interactions, followed by the Liberal Democrats and the SNP - which both had two million - and the Green Party with 1.3 million. The DUP of Northern Ireland racked up 40,000, while Plaid Cymru had 31,000 and Sinn Fein had 4,000.

Facebook has said it expects politics to be the most-discussed topic on the social network this year.