Labour calls on Tories to 'come clean' over Lynton Crosby

Lynton Crosby is at the forefront of the Tory election campaign Credit: PA Wire

Labour has called on the prime minister to "come clean" over links between a lobbying firm run by the Conservatives' campaign guru Lynton Crosby and the private healthcare industry.

The Independent has obtained a document produced in 2010 by Crosby's lobbying firm which the newspaper says proposed targeting key UK Government figures, including David Cameron, to enhance the "size, acceptability and profitability of the private healthcare market".

Responding to the links, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said:

David Cameron has serious questions to answer today. It looks increasingly like Lynton Crosby's lobbying firm has been at the forefront of a drive to expand private healthcare interests in the NHS.

David Cameron must now come clean on the impact Lynton Crosby's business interests have on Tory policy.

– Andy Burnham