Plaid Cymru leader accuses Ed Miliband of 'arrogance'

Leanne Wood said Ed Miliband was 'arrogantly' pushing away the support of smaller parties. Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Labour assumes the support of smaller parties is "in their back pocket", Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood has said.

Ms Wood claimed Ed Miliband has "arrogantly" pushed away her party's offer of support, adding she believed he should revise his position after polling day to prevent a Conservative government.

What I find quite staggering is the attitude from Labour politicians - they are assuming Plaid Cymru and SNP and the Green votes are just in their back pocket. We would be prepared to vote down a budget by Labour if it was putting forward more cuts on the backs of the poor.

If Labour want our support to run a government effectively then they need take on board some of the things we are saying. It's arrogant from them to assume they can take our votes without giving anything back in return.

– Leanne Wood speaking on the Today programme

Ms Wood said the smaller parties will have a say, arguing it would be "anti-democratic" to ignore them.