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David Cameron warns of Labour 'ransom notes'

David Cameron has given a stark warning to voters of the "chaos" of a minority Labour government held to ransom by the SNP and Liberal Democrats, as he embarks on a 1,300-mile trail over the final 36 hours of the election campaign.

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Cameron: I'm the firefighter, Miliband is the arsonist

David Cameron has compared himself to a "firefighter" and Ed Miliband to an "arsonist" as he outlined his vision ahead of Thursday's election.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader. Credit: ITV News

"I feel like the firefighter, hosing down the burning building, and there's Ed Miliband - the arsonist - saying 'why aren't you doing it quicker?'," Mr Cameron said at an event in Twickenham, south-west London.

Brandishing the infamous note left by Labour's Liam Byrne, Mr Cameron said "everything" at this election "comes back to the economy".

Mr Cameron was briefly interrupted by a heckler during his speech but the prime Minister said: "You need to listen to this sir, it's important - if you don't want chaos you need to get out and vote Conservative."

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