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Iraq announces operation to drive Islamic State from Anbar

Iraqi forces are set to launch an offensive to drive Islamic State militants out of Anbar province.

The start of the operation - backed by Shi'ite and Sunni forces - was announced on state television, although no further details were given.

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British military confirms 'extensive air support' in Iraq

Government officials have confirmed British military "extensive air and training support" to Iraqi forces fighting Islamic State insurgents.

They outlined a number of recent airstrikes including:

  • May 19 A Reaper aircraft and two Tornado GR4s patrolling northern Iraq attacked a number of bunkers with Hellfire missiles and Paveway precision bombs
  • May 20 Tornados struck a weapons store, a weapons cache in a tunnel and a camouflaged position (video above)
  • May 22 A Reaper successfully engaged terrorists burying improvised explosive devices next to a road
  • May 24 Islamic State armoured vehicle, buildings and bulldozer packed with explosives destroyed

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