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Queen's Speech promises new laws 'for working people'

An EU referendum, tax cuts and more powers for Scotland are among the measures unveiled in the first Conservative-only Queen's Speech in nearly two decades.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the "One Nation" package was a "clear programme for working people, social justice and bringing our country together".

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Ukip MP Carswell 'shaken' after mob confrontation

Ukip MP Douglas Carswell ws escorted into a police van for his own safety Credit: PA

Ukip's only Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell has said he genuinely feared for his life after being surrounded by a "lynch mob" of anti-austerity protesters as he tried to leave Westminster following the Queen's Speech.

Mr Carswell said the group that shouted abuse at him as he waited for a bus appeared to have "pretty murderous" intent before he was escorted by officers into the back of a police van as demonstrations turned nasty.

He was caught up in one of several violent flashpoints as he waited for public transport not far from the House of Commons.

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