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Labour leadership candidates stress business credentials

Candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party have taken to the campaign trail to emphasise their commitment to business and the need to leave the party's past behind

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Burnham calls for Labour to value the spirit of enterprise

Labour did not celebrate enterprise in the last parliament and will not win an election without listening to business, leadership contender Andy Burnham has said.

Labour must not ignore business, says Burnham Credit: PA

In a speech to business leaders in central London, Burnham said that drafting a plan for growth, infrastructure, business investment, the economy and jobs for the future would be the "single biggest priority" of the next Labour government.

"I think part of the way Labour got it wrong on business in the last parliament was that we simply didn't say enough that we value what you do - creating jobs and wealth," he said.

"We didn't celebrate the spirit of enterprise."

He also stressed the need to ensure Labour is not perceived as the party "associated with giving people who don't want to help themselves an easy ride".

"We must change that perception before we can win. The Labour party I will lead will once again truly be the party of work."

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