Hammond: Leaving ECHR is not 'on the table'

Leaving the European Convention on Human Rights is not "on the table" but the Government does want to ensure British judges rule on the law in Britain, The Foreign Secretary has said.

Philip Hammond said Britain wants to ensure the human rights agenda is overseen by judges in this country. Credit: PA Wire

Leading a Queen's Speech debate on Britain's place in the world, Philip Hammond was challenged by Alex Salmond, the SNP foreign affairs spokesman, who asked him if he supported this country's withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Hammond replied: "The proposal as you know is to ensure that our obligations in respect of compliance with the human rights agenda are overseen by judges in this country in the context of what is happening in this country."

"The Justice Secretary is looking now at how best to deliver that in a way that is acceptable to the British people and compliant with our obligations under international law", he added.