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Downing Street restates opposition to MPs' pay rise

David Cameron has renewed his opposition to a 10% salary hike for MPs - has stopped short of blocking the rise.

Downing Street said the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), which sets pay for MPs, will receive a letter underlining the Prime Minister's opposition to the move.

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Andy Burnham to turn down MPs 10% pay rise

Andy Burnham said the planned £7,000 hike 'cannot be justified'. Credit: PA

Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham has said he will turn down a 10% planned pay rise for MPs bringing their salary to £74,000.

Mr Burnham said if the hike goes ahead he will refuse to accept it or donate the money to local groups.

The shadow health secretary said the proposed rise "cannot be justified".

Writing on Twitter the Leigh MP said:

David Cameron opposed a more than 10% pay rise but said it was ultimately a decision for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa).

Downing Steet said the Prime Minister will not seek to block Ipsa's proposal - meaning he will personally get the extra money taking his salary to £149,440.

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