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EU leader warns: Our fundamental values are not for sale

The fundamental values of the EU are "non-negotiable", the president of the European Council has warned the UK.

Speaking after day one of a two-day summit in Brussels, Donald Tusk said they would "consider Britain's concerns, but only in a way which will be safe for all Europe."

It comes after British officials confirmed that treaty changes to reform the UK's relationship with the EU may not be in place by the time of the in/out referendum David Cameron has promised by the end of 2017.

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Poll: Should Britain stay in the EU or leave?

Do you think Britain is better off in or out of the EU? Credit: Johnny Green / PA Archive

Alan Johnson, leader of the Labour Group's Yes campaign, says leaving the EU could put jobs as well as our rights at risk, while eurosceptic Tory MP John Redwood says far from losing friends, Britain will gain in stature as an independent country.

But who do you agree with? Should we stay or should we go?

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