Britain refuses to join EU plan to host migrants

David Cameron Credit: Reuters

The UK has opted out of an EU scheme to resettle migrants currently sheltering in Italy and Greece.

Last night EU leaders agreed a compromise plan - described by the Italian premiere Matteo Renzi as "modest" - to relocate 40,000 asylum seekers currently in southern Europe. Another 20,000 who are currently in camps outside the EU, and who are mostly from Syria and Iraq, will be moved into Europe.

Mandatory quotas were fought off by a coalition of eastern European countries in what are reported to have been fiery talks, while Britain has opted out completely.

Mr Renzi was reported to have accused other EU states of lacking "solidarity" because of their unwillingness to take in the thousands of largely Syrian and Eritrean refugees who have ended up in his country, telling them: "If you don't want to take the 40,000 you are not fit to be called Europe."