Foo Fighters back 2 weeks after Dave Grohl breaks leg

The Foo Fighters are to start touring again, a scant two weeks after lead singer Dave Grohl fell off stage in Sweden and broke his leg.

Grohl famously played on through the pain, with a paramedic crouched in front of him holding his leg in place until a cast could arrive from hospital - but the band were forced to cancel European tour dates - including a headline slot at Glastonbury - on doctor's orders.

Dave Grohl plays through the pain Credit: Reddit/Schnaps

Now, however, the band has announced that they'll be back on the horse from 4 July, when they'll play a show in Washington DC. In total, they'll play 36 shows across the US and Canada - a punishing schedule for a man snapped his fibula "like an old pair of take out chopsticks".